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MEDIA POLICY: Participation in Roslyn Boys and Girls Club activities implies permission for publication of any media recorded, in both print and online formats, unless an email indicating your wish to opt-out is sent to the club. This applies to anyone, both minors and adults, who attends and/or participates in our activities, including sports events. No identifying information will accompany photos, including names, addresses, email addresses, family members’ names, or schools. Anyone may request a particular media item which prominently features them or their minor children be removed from use by emailing the club. If you submit images to be used by Roslyn Boys and Girls Club you are giving the club the right to use the photos (these images must not contain any copyrighted material without permission).

Welcome to the Roslyn Boys & Girls Club photos & media gallery. As you can see, our photos are getting a bit dated. We desperately need your help to update our galleries!

Please e-mail your digital photos to the Webmaster.

  • Please note the year and event, where possible.
  • Parents, if there is a photo of your child that you do not want displayed online, please notify the Webmaster and the photo or video link will be removed (also see our MEDIA POLICY above).

View our photo sets in Flicker photos.

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